Research Interests

I am an associate professor in mathematical physics (MAT/07) at the Department of Physics of the University of Pavia.

My research interests are manifold spanning different branches of theoretical phyiscs and applied mathematics, although most of my works focus on the mathemetical aspects of classical and quantum field theory.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics, that I like most :

  • Algebraic Quantum Field Theory and all its ramifications (more infos here)
  • Quantum Field Theory on Curved Spacetimes (black holes, Hawking radiation, holography…)
  • Renormalization and its applications to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  • The Mathematical Formulation of gauge theories
  • Microlocal Analysis and its applications in Quantum Field Theory

My PhD Students

The more you teach, the better you learn.

  • Marco Benini (2011 — 2014)
    Title of the thesis: “Locality in Abelian gauge theories over globally hyperbolic spacetimes
  • Gabriele Nosari (2013 — 2016)
    Title of the thesis: “On the algebraic approach to the dynamical Casimir effect”
  • Simone Murro (2014 — 2016)
    Title of the thesis: “Quantum States on the algebra of observables for Dirac fields”
    Co-supervisor at the University of Regensburg (supervisor: Prof. Felix Finster)
  • Francesco Bussola (2015 — 2018)
    Title of the thesis: “On the quantization of Bosonic free field theories on BTZ spacetime”
  • Alessio Marta (2018 — 2021)
    Title of the thesis: “A Propagation of Singularities Theorem and a well-posedness Result for the Klein-Gordon Equation on Asymptotically Anti de Sitter Spacetimes with general Boundary Conditions
    Co-supervisor at the University of Milan (supervisor: Prof. Livio Pizzocchero)
  • Paolo Rinaldi (2018 — 2021)
    Title of thesis: “A novel Perturbative Approach to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
  • Lissa de Souza Campos (2018 — 2021)
    In preparation
  • Federico Sclavi (2019 — 2022)
    In preparation
  • Alberto Bonicelli (2021 — 2024)
    In preparation
  • Luca Sinibialdi (2021 — 2024)
    In preparation

My Collaborations

I am greatly endebted to my collaborators across the Universe. Here are the webpages of some of them

Matteo Capoferri
Nicolò Drago
Felix Finster
Igor Khavkine
Valter Moretti
Simone Murro
Nicola Pinamonti
Paolo Rinaldi
Alexander Schenkel
Lorenzo Zambotti